Truth in Media Essays

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Truth in Media by Jackie Washbish Liberty University Abstract: The omnipresence of pornography in today’s society has increased extramentally over the past few decades. What is available over the internet is remarkably unrestricted and available to anyone who looks for it. This paper will cover how and what the messages on sexuality that are being conveyed to today’s society, Open sexualities vs. purity Which is better is an article written by Michael in 2012 regarding finding the truth about how our society views sexuality in the past and currently. He discusses how we Americans have evolved from a society of purity to complete sexual freedom to what is described as a loose society today. He questions the thought process of…show more content…
The article goes into detail regaurding the satistical information across countries and within America as well. The article continues to outline the difficulties in correcting such a problem due to the fact that no campaign against teen pregnancy would even effect the overwhelming nature of the lack of options for the lower classes. The lack of options creates a kind of circular motion that seems to offer hope of a better life but doesn't. Extramarital affairs The Truth About Why Men Cheat an article written by M. Gary Neuman for Redbook magazine in 2012, informs readers of why men cheat. The article goes over the reason a man cheats is not for sex. Men according to the ones serveyed cheat do to emotional dissatisfaction rather than sexual dissatisfaction. The article the goes into how to create an atmosphere of mutual reward and respect. Men have trouble asking for pats on the back but need encouragement just as much as women. If we set the stage for a give give relationship we have a better chance at staying faithful. Homosexuality Understanding females' sexual fluidity is an article written by Ian Kerner, for the New York Times on February 9th, 2012 discusses an interview with a famous actress and how a slip of the tounge can revel much. The actress said that being a lesbian was a choices she made not something
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