Truth in media Essay

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The Corruption of the Youth today in magazines
Kathy L. Short
October 3, 2014
Georgianna Corsini
The consensus of today’s world is a world of sex. Yet, magazines consensus for the teens of today see that body image in magazines is how a female should look. With magazines that portray young, thin, models are causing the young girls to mutilate themselves by starving to be thin. As this paper shows that the majority of teen magazines have hidden pitfalls. When an article, in a magazine explains how in detail, to get around the loopholes on how to rape a female who is intoxicated, should outrage everyone. However, the world has become placate to the bevy of advertising companies. No longer should we
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The only sexual gesture is of a gear stick, coming out of a pair of men’s blue jeans.
The article speaks of how you should be prepared to perform oral sex on the driver male or female while they drive. The article indicated that 81 percent of men admit to giving or receiving oral sex while drive, also driving at speeds of 61-80 miles per hour (MensHelath, 2012)

Article three: Teen vogue, coming out gay at school during high school and college.
Sexual information on becoming gay and coming out.
The only sexual gesture in the article is two girls holding hands, and kissing,
There are no explicit wording or photos in the article
Tell a young girl how to explain to her parents and her friends that she is gay while in high school. When starting college the girl tells her roommate, where she finds out your room mate is also gay.

Article four: Seventeen advertisement for the nude bra
Can be considered pornography, since you have three young girls setting on a sofa, dressed in only bra and panties, the pictures appears to show everything of the young female body.
Camera shot is with the models looking straight at them, using a short angle lens.

Article five: Teen Cosmopolitan, the article is a young teen, looking very embarrassed.
Theme of the article Teen sexuality
The article indicated not sexual gestured or movements noted, just a county looking young girl looking very scared and embarrassed
The article explains that the young
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