Truth or Lie?

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In 2008, 21% of adults in America aged 18 and older were current cigarette smokers while another 21% had been former smokers and 58% had smoked less than 100 cigarettes in their life, according to a CDC survey (Pleis 10). These statistics result in almost half of the United States population being smokers at one point in their life. The tobacco industry is huge in order to provide cigarettes to the quarter of Americans that currently smoke. The statistics that resulted from the survey did not even include other types of tobacco products, which are just as harmful. However, even realizing the harm that tobacco products can cause, tobacco companies use a variety of devious methods to draw people in to buy their product, especially younger…show more content…
The most important message that the ad conveys through the colors is the white color of the scalpel and the little bit of white background that shows beside the person’s head. The white color is important because white signifies “transcendence and purity” (Gude). Purity is the attribute that the campaign is looking to associate itself with because they offer the truth, and from the truth, the reader is able to decide for himself or herself what their future should be. The white background is interesting because it could be a way of telling the audience or reader that if they seek the truth and visit the website, they will have found pure and transparent facts. This salvation from the evil lies directly supplements the few cuts made by the scalpel on the sutures because it shows the reader that the truth does exist and there is hope. Another major component of these truth campaign ads is the fear that is evoked when looking at the picture closely. While the sutures themselves could cause the fear by how they look, I think it is more reasonable to say that the thought of the person pictured being dead is what would cause the most fear. Why are they dead? Why are they stitched up? The unknown answers would cause fear and intrigue in the reader to find out what is actually going on. These advertisings were successful because of their appeal to fear. Communications using fear appeals are designed

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