Trying out Weapons before World War II

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World War I introduced the American military to the modern industrial war. The conflict with Mexico in 1914 gave the U.S an opportunity to try new technology such as motorization and aircraft. However, this was strong a small conflict that did not translate to that of the First World War. The American military was not modern yet compared to other powers. The United States did not have great influence over the strategy among the allied forces. They relied on the allies for military equipment. France and Britain desperately needed more men to fight in the war. They needed U.S soldiers. The European powers were not impressed by the United States’ entry into the Great War. Simply put, the United States was not yet ready for this type of war. They were inexperience, lacked training, and were not modern enough. The industrial revolution reshaped how wars will be played out. The United States entered World War I near the end of it. The amount of lives lost from the United States’ allies in Europe does not compare. America lost barely anything compared to them. America struggled in the beginning, but showed great potential as the Great War came to a close.

General Pershing was the father of the American Expeditionary Force. At the end of the Great War the American Expeditionary Force had a great impact on the future of the American military as well as mobilization and organization plans between World War I and World War II. The experiences Americans
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