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Jessica Zalewski
Mrs. Brown
English 2
9 November 2015
Poetry Research Project: T.S Eliot What inspiration do you have to write? Your family? Your friends? Some people like poet T.S Eliot don’t really have an inspiration. His only inspiration was his self. His mind to be exact. T.S Eliot was born in 1888 which wasn’t a very good time for inspiration in the U.S. Maybe that is why he moved to England in 1924 (T.S Eliot-Academy of American Poets). It was all the rage in England to be a writer at that time so he moved from the U.S. to pursue his dream. He wrote a particular poem called “Hysteria” that was very
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In one example T.S Eliot uses personification by saying “Until her teeth were accidental stars with talent for a squad drill” he is personifying her teeth and the stars by saying they could be a “squad drill” (“Hysteria”
He also says “Fragments of the afternoon might be collected” in this he is personifying the afternoon. T.S Eliot always wanted a whimsical aspect to his poetry, he once said, “Only those who risk going too far can possibly how far he
Zalewski 3 can go.” Which i think really reflects in his poems because he is always testing the boundaries of right and wrong.

In “Hysteria” T.S Eliot also uses hyperboles. He uses these to exaggerate certain things in his poem (“Hysteria”-Interesting Literature). In the poem he says “If the lady and gentleman wish to takes their tea in the garden. If the lady a gentleman wish to take their tea in the garden.” for emphasis on the “Hysterical” aspect in the poem (“Hysteria”-Poem Hunter). I believe that T.S Eliot wrote this poem to get out of the writing slump or “writer's block” if you will(T.S
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Today's poems don't use the techniques that older poets used which is a tragedy because their techniques were utterly flawless in composition. I think that T.S Eliot and his works were the best of his
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