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TSMG 5340 Wenzhao Li HUAWEI: CISCO’S CHINESE CHALLENGER The explosive growth of mobile Internet, fueled by the technological innovations, has affected every aspect of our lives. Mobile devices such as smart phones and PDA and even smart pets are now being interwoven into the fabric of our lives. The ultimate goal of all these devices is to bring all people into a networked society. Behind all these amazing devices, however, are the efforts of the telecom equipment companies, such as Alcatel, Lucent, 3Com and Cisco. Among all of these companies, there is a Chinese company, named Huawei, gradually being attention by the global telecom industry. For Huawei, its ambition is to catch up with Cisco as a world leader other than a domestic…show more content…
In this way, Huawei becomes more competitive, holding large amounts of cash and patents. As Huawei becoming more and more powerful, they start to build a national recruitment system with exceptionally high pay by Chinese standards, making them an ideal employer of college graduates. R&D investment, patents, high salaries…all of these characteristics belonging to western technology powerhouse are replicated by Huawei to its model of corporate management. Thirdly, Huawei was undoubted the largest Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, with integrated and Omni form products. Weakness: The culture gap between Huawei and other companies may be a headache to the Huawei’s managers. The military-styled wolf-pack corporate culture looks not attractive to the employees overseas, who prefer a workplace with more relax and less stress. Besides this, the closed relationship between Huawei and Chinese government, especially the military, should be considered by the other countries of security issues when they planning to cooperate with Huawei. Opportunities: Huawei’s move in the markets of developing countries has been proved to be successful. Huawei has printed its steps in Russia, South Africa, South America and Europe. The market of USA is an opportunity for Huawei to make
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