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This invention relates in general to time space time (TST) telecommunication system switches, and, in particular, to TST switches for interconnecting digital Time Division Multiplex (TDM) communication lines, using two basic modules, a plurality of time switching modules and a plurality of space switching modules. A time folded TST switch concept is taught and claimed in co-pending application, Ser. No. 497,214, filed Aug. 14, 1974 with two of the co-inventors here being common co-inventors with another inventor thereof.
Time Space Time (TST) switches are a particularly useful configuration of switching elements providing both time and space translation between channels of Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) telecommunications
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A further object is to achieve improved reliability and lessened maintenance requirements through use of such TST switch systems using two basic modules.
Features of this invention useful in accomplishing the above objects include, in a TST switch with combined and distributed state and control stores, the use of two basic modules, a time switching module and a space switching module with three circuit types (excluding clock and control circuits). The three circuit types include the time switch module control portion, the time switch module memory portion, and the space switch module. The two basic modules are interconnectable to realize virtually any size and configuration of a time division switch having distributed operation particularly with the control stores associated with the switching elements incorporated into the time switch and space switch modules. As an example, the space switch is integrated with the space control circuitry into a single LSI circuit. Multiple LSI circuits are configured as basic functional units providing desired flexibility in switch size and maintainability. The TST switch system provides for storage of the status of each interstage link as a distinct code in the control store associated with the output connected to each link.
Specific embodiments representing what are presently regarded as the best modes of carrying out the invention are

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