Tthe Improtance of Note Taking

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Note taking
Taking note is one of the best ways to prepare for exam. Reading different books, collecting information from other sources and merging all the notes together helps to gives a clear image and deeper understanding on specific topic. Using an outline format I try to get as much information as i can in a piece of paper and record the lecture at the same time as the tutor will not wait for the student to write notes down. Listening to the recorder again and again helps to reorganize my notes as well as avoid confusion. Recall the new terms mentioned by the teacher while teaching in lesson as they might be very important for the exam. While writing notes, I try to summarize each section on my own word by using abbreviation, different font style, bullet points and diagrams. This helps me to develop my shorthand making it easier to memorize. As well as the notes in lecture, I try using different revision aids like revision guide books and different revision websites like and Revision guides are a very effective and good way of revising since they are very straightforward ,compressive and has all the information that are essential to get a good grade in an examination. Highlighting the crucial data using different highlighters while reading different books and underline any stressed terms. Different colourful colours grasps my eyes attention quickly further avoiding time lost and boredom whereas revision website is very easy to

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