Tubal Reversal Facts

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The Basic Facts Of Tubal Reversal
After giving birth to a number of children, most women resort to tubal ligation as a method of contraception. In this method, the fallopian tubes are tied together in order to prevent the egg and the sperm to move forward towards the uterus. However, most women who found new partners are prone to regret this decision and decide to reverse their tubal ligation.
Through the help of an expert healthcare provider or gynecologists, the women’s fallopian tubes which have been previously blocked through sterilization operation can still restore its function through the method known as Tubal Reversal. This can be done through a method known as Microsurgical Tubal Reanastomosis (MTR) which basically involves microscopic procedures to see the narrow part of the fallopian tube.
The success rate of tubal reversal depends on the specialist that performs the surgery. Most of the successful
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Although considered to be a safe procedure, women who still have to travel far back home are advised to stay and spend a one day rest. This is because; stress can cause high risk of tubal reversal, infection, and injury to some parts or other structure of the pelvis. Basically, while it takes two months for the surgery to heal partners are advised not to engage in sexual intercourse right away.
However, to assist successful pregnancy after a tubal reversal, couples may choose infertility assistance which may involve monitoring of new follicle production and induction of ovulation. At times, healthcare providers induce super-ovulation treatment to stimulate ovaries to produce better eggs or administer injection to force ovulation. When couples past the child-bearing years, they resort to in-vitro fertilization or intra-uterine fertilization. For men, healthcare providers conduct sperm preparation to separate the best quality and most motile sperm from the rest of the
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