Tuberculosis As A Major Health Problem

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very common, most prevalent global infectious disease Tuberculosis (TB) known since ancient times by contributing considerably to illness and death around the world. This Disease is caused by bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (“Tuberculosis (TB) cause,” 2012). Mycobacterium tuberculosis extant many years ago and has been found in relics earlier time of ancient Egypt, India, and China. Among Egyptian mummies spinal tuberculosis, known as Pott’s disease has been detected by archaeologists (Mandal,2014). Patients from some indigenous communities, are 90% at risk of TB (coulter, 2012) and it still causes 2 million deaths annually worldwide (coulter, 2012). Tuberculosis was a major health problem in U.K, as antibiotics are introduced,…show more content…
Pulmonary tuberculosis is characterized by classical general symptoms such as night sweats, cough, coughing up with bloody sputum, weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, inflammation of lymph nodes, fever, pneumonitis and chest pain (Davis, 2016). Mycobacterium leprae is an another common type of bacteria, which causes leprosy by showing symptoms of skin discoloration skin lesions skin nodules skin plaques thickened skin nasal congestion nosebleeds (Davis, 2016). Extra pulmonary tuberculosis have symptoms varies according to localized part of body get infected.Skeletal and arthritis TB (also termed Pott 's disease) shows spinal pain, back stiffness, pain in knees and hip joints while genitourinary TB includes dysuria, flank pain, Gastrointestinal TB shows difficulty in swallowing, nonhealing ulcers, abdominal ache, malabsorption, bloody diarrhea (may be bloody) while Miliary TB and Pleural TB shows many small nodules widespread in organs, empyema and pleural effusions (Davis 2016). Humans are sometimes susceptible to Mycobacterium bovis (M.bovis). Pulmonary Tuberculosis affects directly to lungs and occur most often in young kids who has weaken immune system by showing symptoms with a productive cough more than three weeks with high fever and chest pain which can easily spread to others as bacteria are growing rapidly while Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis does not affect to the lungs. (“Tuberculosis
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