Tuberculosis : Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

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Tuberculosis has been part of human history for a long time but how long is a long time? Recent research using genetic data has allowed us to know that the tuberculosis progenitor has been on this planet for about 3 million years affecting even our earlier ancestors (Gutierrez et al, 2005). Additionally this research showed that the bacilli from tuberculosis are capable of mixing sections of their genome with other strains and giving the pathogen a composite assembly, which resulted from ancient horizontal exchanges before its clonal expansion. This quality provided tuberculosis a big advantage that even now a days allows the organism to evade, adapt and create resistance to treatments that were once successful. In order to fix current and…show more content…
The tremendous amounts of new cases caused by the worldwide spread of the disease sparked the curiosity of many scientists. In 1819, modern understanding of tuberculosis began with Rene Laennec when he invented the stethoscope, allowing him to illustrate the development and physical signs of the disease. In 1865, Jean-Antoine Villemin conducting experiments with rabbits was able to demonstrate the transmissibility of the disease. In 1882 the way tuberculosis was seen and understood around the world changed dramatically when Robert Koch and Herman Heinrich presented the Koch-Heinrich postulates in which they identified tubercle bacillus and set modern standard for demonstrating infectious diseases (Daniel, 2006). In 1907, the tuberculin skin test was developed by Clemens Von Pirquet, permitting early detection of the disease even with asymptomatic patients.
Due to the combined work of these scientists, knowledge about tuberculosis increased exponentially and the development of treatments became a possibility. Herman Brehmer introduced one of the first forms of treatment in 1859. It involved creating sanatoriums to house or infected individuals with tuberculosis. The idea behind this treatment was that people affected with tuberculosis were isolated from the outside world in order to bring the diseased peace of mind, rest, strict diets, and monitored exercise. It is important
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