Tuberculosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments Essays

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Tuberculosis is among the fatal diseases that are spread through the air. It’s contagious, meaning that it spreads from one infected individual to another, and at times it spreads very fast. In addition to being contagious, the disease is an opportunist infection as it takes advantage of those with weak defense mechanism, and especially the ones with terminal diseases like HIV and AIDS. Tuberculosis is therefore among the major concerns for the World Health Organization due to its contagious nature (World Health Organization 1).
Although Africa and other developing nations lead in the number of those infected with tuberculosis, the infected population in the world is currently estimated to be at around one third of the
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When one inhales air coughed out by TB patients, the infection is referred to as primary tuberculosis. In most instances, most people get infected with primary tuberculosis, but since its severity is minimal, there are higher chances of recovery (CDC 17). The infection rate of primary tuberculosis depends on the strength of an individual’s immune system.
Since the disease can be rather opportunistic, it can remain in an individual’s system for quite a long time, and as long as the immune system is strong, chances of infections will be less. However, once the body weakens, either because of other infections, and especially terminal diseases, the bacteria become active and infectious.
The disease can be transmitted mainly through the air, but there are other means of being infected with TB. Alcohol and drug abuse are some of the popular means in which infection can occur and since the drugs weaken the immune system, the spread of the ailment can be rather fast. Terminal diseases like HIV and cancer reduce the immune system and this promotes propagation of the disease into an individual’s body system.

Risk Factors
The risk factors for contracting the disease vary according to age, health conditions, or location. The elderly people and infants are likely to get TB mainly because their immune systems are weak. As an individual grows old, the immune system weakens and this can increase chances of being
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