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What is Tuberculosis, and how serious is this problem? TB, or Tuberculosis, is a chronic or acute contagious disease caused by a bacterial infection. TB is the leading cause of death from a single infectious disease, accounting for over a quarter of avoidable deaths among adults. It can affect several organs of the human body, including the brain, the kidneys and the bones, but it predominately manifests itself in the lungs where it is called "Pulmonary Tuberculosis". According to the WHO, TB infection is currently spreading at the rate of one person per second. It kills more young people and adults than any other infectious disease and is the world's biggest killer of women. Researchers have calculated that 8-10 million people catch…show more content…
The Tubercle bacillus can spread from the localized infection to throughout the body such as throughout the lungs, airway passages, the pleural space, blood vessels and in the blood stream it can even spread to other organs like the lymph nodes. The usual site of the disease is the lungs, but other organs may be involved. Generally, the active disease is manifested by destruction or "consumption" of the tissues and the development of granulomas (granular tumors) in the infected tissues. The symptoms of the disease vary according to which body organ is infected. The common symptoms however, usually include · Sweating, · Fatigue, · General discomfort, · Uneasiness, or ill feeling (malaise), · Weight loss, · Cough, · Fever, · Shortness of breath. Types Of Tuberculosis: TB can be categorized into two different types, according to where it has manifested itself. These two types are described as: Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Pulmonary Tuberculosis accounts for most cases of infection by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis as well as for about 85 % of all Tuberculosis deaths. Primary infection of the lung generally occurs in the lower division of the bottom lobe, the middle lobe, and the anterior segment of the upper lobe. These sites obtain the greatest volume of airflow and, therefore, bacilli are deposited there in the greatest numbers. However, TB tends to localize

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