Tuberculosis In Rwanda

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Introduction Did you know that third world countries like Rwanda, Africa could use so much from from other countries to treat some of their diseases. Not all countries have the supplies needed to treat diseases that they have problems with. Countries like Rwanda are low end poor countries and can not afford medications that are needed to help treat their people. When we send supplies over to them they really appreciate it because they can really use some of the supplies they receive. The little things that we do for other countries can make big differences. Not only do they need medications to help treat, they also need supplies to help prevent as well. The less people that are becoming infected reduces the amount of people that Rwanda has to try to treat. The less people that need treated, the faster others will be treated and the quicker the infection rates will reduce . The prevention of these…show more content…
Solutions like talking to local hospitals and doctor's offices to try and get them to donate their time or anything they may have to help. You could also turn to families that are willing to donate anything they think would help. Another solution to help malaria would be “targeted insecticide spray, you could spray the walls inside of homes to help kill mosquitos” (The Solution para. 4). “Tuberculosis can also be treated with antibiotics but the treatment can take anywhere from six to twelve months” (Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment para. 1). “Cholera requires immediate treatment because it can cause death within hours” (Cholera para. 1). If others are not willing to help purchase supplies, then we can purchase what we can afford to send to Rwanda, every little bit counts. We know that everyone is not going to be willing to help and not everyone is going to have the money to help but the littlest things can make a big difference and they will in
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