Tuberculosis Is A Top Infectious Disease Killer Worldwide

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14). Currently, there are ten drugs that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat tuberculosis. There are four approved drugs that are considered to be first-line antituberculosis agents that form the foundation for initial drug therapy. Also, there are six approved second-line drugs that are considered to treat a more serious adverse drug reaction more frequently than first-line antituberculosis agents. Therefore, it is important to take all prescribed drugs and finish them all. If not, a person with tuberculosis will become sick again making it harder to treat because the drugs will become resistant to the infected tuberculosis still present in ones body; second-line drugs will then be used. Other comments…show more content…
The physician began to quickly take vitals, do a physical exam, and labs to determine any other signs the patient may have been developing. “A chest X-ray was done and showed infiltrate in the middle of the left lung with a diameter of 1.7 cm with signs of cavitation” (Case Study: Tuberculosis 2016). “The patient was diagnosed with infiltrative TB of the left lung without MTB shedding” (Case Study: Tuberculosis 2016). Treatment of infiltrative TB was administered to the patient with first-line antituberculosis agents and was sent home. After two months, the patient returned to the hospital concerned that he had been coughing up blood over the previous three days. With an additional symptom of hemoptysis, the patient was immediately transferred to isolation where a second chest X-ray was done and determined that he had progressive bilateral fibronodular disease. Treatment of this type of TB disease was administered to the patient using second-line drugs because the line of drugs used previously were now resistant. Figure 2: radiography of Progressive Bilateral Fibronodular Disease Fungal Organism Scientific Name Aspergillus sp. (opportunistic) is a common mold that lives indoors and outdoors. However, there are many types of Aspergillus that can be mild or even become more serious in time. In 1842, Aspergillus was first isolated and then in 1856 a case of Aspergillus broke out and was reported by Rudolf
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