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Tuberculosis Omar Cota Micky Chan Oscar Del Villar Kevin Davila California State University Los Angeles Section 3 Introduction: Tuberculosis is one of the most deadliest and serious diseases in our time. It was so deadly that the World Health Organization (WHO) once announced tuberculosis a world emergency in the 1900’s. Although there are vaccinations to tuberculosis, it is a still a prominent disease in 22 developing countries. Tuberculosis is an airborne pathogen that comes in two types, latent and active. Over 2 billion people are estimated to have the latent tuberculosis. Although this will not kill you, many people can come into contact with the latent tuberculosis and will become active in their body. When…show more content…
Over 9500 cases of tuberculosis have been diagnosed in the US. Primary TB infection, the first stage, begins when a person inhales an airborne bacteria. This is mostly common when a person is in close contact with an infected person with active TB who is coughing or sneezing. For most, the inhaled bacteria is killed immediately by the immune system. However, others aren’t so fortunate because the TB bacteria are engulfed by macrophages, which are a type of white cell, and enter dormant state. The dormant state can last several years or even a lifetime. However that’s not always the case, in certain populations including infants, the elderly, those with recent acquired TB infection and those with weakened immune system the symptoms of tuberculosis can show within weeks of the primary infection. The second stage is the Latent TB infection Although the bacteria is dormant and the person won’t have any symptoms, a tuberculin skin test or blood test for TB will show a positive result. It will show that the person has been exposed to TB and has latent infection. If discovered, treatment is recommended in certain individuals at high risk to try and prevent further spread. The third and final stage is Active Tuberculosis in which the bacteria is multiplying in the body and causing symptoms and physical changes. These symptoms develop slowly due to the fact that the TB pathogen multiplies very slowly. The most common symptoms of active

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