Tuberculosis : Public Health Problem

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Tuberculosis in the Philippines Chelsea R. Caldejon #83972082 Public Health 1 2015 Zuzana Bic Public Health Problem My family originated from a very poor and underdeveloped country, where it is also incredibly humid and unbearably polluted. Men, women, and children alike walk around the streets barefooted and covered in dirt while suffocated by the grime in the air and the harsh burning sun. This is the Philippines, the country my ancestors fought for and ironically the nation that my family fled from in order to pursue a greater future for upcoming generations. It is also a breeding ground for many diseases to persist, as it is ideal due to the temperate and humid weather even while it rains. Tuberculosis is one of the unfortunate ailments that haunt the citizens of this republic. Tuberculosis is an airborne pathogen caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which generally attack the lungs and could potentially be lethal. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is very a very small, sluggish in growth bacterium that could only reside in humans. It is not found in any other animal, plants, insects, or other living things. Due to its airborne lifestyle it required oxygen for survival, this means that when active it is often discovered in the upper regions of the lungs. When one inhales air that is contaminated with the bacterium, the person may or may not become infected. This reasoning is due to the fact that Mycobacterium tuberculosis has the
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