Tuberculosis ( Tb ) Is An Infectious Disease

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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that originates from the specific bacterium, Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB typically affects the lungs the most by manifesting into pulmonary TB, but there is always a potential for any body parts to get affected by said bacteria. Transmission of TB occurs when individuals with active pulmonary TB cough, spit, or sneeze, which has the potential to release aerosol droplets of TB infected saliva. This makes TB a highly infectious disease with a plausible likelihood that it could spread rampantly if the conditions were proper for bacterial transmission. In addition to manifesting in infectious manners, TB is quite closely linked to overcrowding and malnutrition which infers that it occurs at higher…show more content…
On a surface level, it’s hard to delineate said details about a person, but because the novel displays Hammond’s psyche on a quite broad level with specific regard to his money-making, socially disconnected attitude. As his physician, I believe that these antagonist-based character flaws would present themselves in his medical history. Often times, individuals of great success, such as John Hammond, will experience psychological changes, plateaus, and barriers in their journey to the top of the financial food-chain. This results in them reaching out to the community around them, such as their physicians and therapists. Their past medical history could prove valuable insight into the realm of Hammond’s mind. On his private charter halfway cross the Bermuda Triangle, Hammond laid back in his recliner and grabbed his cigar cutter. He cuts his cigar, lights it, and takes a clean inhale of the crisp, sweet tobacco. As he exhales, he recollects all the physical discomfort he’s been in over the past six weeks since his research scouting trip to Uganda. He’s been feeling feverish with heavy coughing and has woken up in the middle of the night with cold sweats for the past few nights as well. As he puffs on the cigar one more time, he starts violently coughing, heaving as hard as he can. He knows that he’s going into a coughing episode where each cough leads to more as he slowly suffocates. This time, however, he realizes this is different. Each cough makes him
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