Tubular Travel

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The Cost of Tubular Travel and Our Environment Thomas Lunarde COM/156 Version 7 4/27/14 Mark Hassenstab The Cost of Tubular Travel and Our Environment People work hard throughout the year and ponder their next vacation of where they are going and how they are going to get there. With that in mind, they also worry about the expense. Is the weather going to cooperate? Is their luggage going to arrive? Have you ever been sitting at the bank drive through, watching people submitting their transactions by way of pneumatic tubes? Imagine being inside that pod travelling at 800 miles per hour with no worries of the above-mentioned. Why not alleviate travel concerns and climb aboard the tubular travel system? Even though the…show more content…
What if an earthquake were to occur or just natural ground settling? No one has mentioned an automated laser level leveling system for the exterior pads that the bracing rests on which elevates the travel tube off of the ground. That to me would be considered a crucial safety measure to be added, before discussing how much a ticket to travel would cost. * Musk pledges would be less than 9% of the cost of the proposed passenger-only high speed rail system between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Pylons at 30m intervals would support the steel tubes, which would minimize costs associated with footprint and construction area on the ground, according to Musk. The capsules will be guided directly on the inner surface of the tube via the use of air bearings and suspension the need for costly tracks would be eliminated and it would create a smooth ride, he says. Wynne, Alexandra. New Civil Engineer (Aug 22, 2013). * There are many more cost savings that would apply to Tubular travel versus the conventional ways of travel. For instance, there is no fuel pricing to consider or fleet equipment costs to endure. * Elon Musk contributor to the tubular travel system says that connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles (through a proposed $20-fare, 35-minute ride) with the system would cost about $7billion, or a tenth of the projected cost of California’s beleaguered high-speed rail system meant to connect those cities- and could be
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