Tuck Everlasting

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Nicole Sahlin
Supportive Vocabulary learning Environment
July 3rd,2013

Title/Author- Tuck Everlasting-Natalie Babbitt
Name: Nicole Sahlin
Subject: English
Theme: What if you could live forever?
Intended Grade level: 5th grade
Specific Objective: Students will be able to develop an understanding or comprehension of the key vocabulary in the novel and a comprehension on the pro have and cons of living forever.
Synatic: Students will be able to develop multiple compound sentences while writing their reflection and reports regarding the story.
Sematic: students will be able to look up vocabulary words from the dictionary and come up with sentences
Materials Needed 1) Novel 2) Vocabulary journals 3)
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Also have students complete all reading and study guides that were not finished and review vocabulary for possible pop quiz on vocabulary from prologue-chapter 10.
Vocabulary – insist, vision, speechless, rapid, flee, comprehend, outrage, sob, melody, suspect, settle, peculiar, passage, blame, conclusion, tension, scornful, brooch, elated, remarkable, exhausted, vivid, vanity, surface, steep, homely, enormous, gaze, displace, melancholy,

Day 3 Wednesday- Chapters 10-15
*TEST #1
* Review novel, ask if there is any questions
*Play bingo vocabulary with the vocabulary from the previous ten chapters
* Have students complete a W-W-H Chart
* Review chart
* Same exercise with groups and taking turns finding definitions
*Start reading Chapters 10-15
*remind students about their timeline
*Whatever readings and study guide questions are not done it is their responsibility for homework
* Have the students answer the questions in their journals, Journal Question: Winnie learns an incredible story from the Tucks. How would you have felt about it? What would you have done?
*Homework: Finish any reading/study guide/vocabulary-Have students create a power point for 15 words. Explain that you want the definition/picture/sentence/synonyms/
Vocabulary- indomitable ,perilous ,ancient ,vast ,cavernous ,narrow ,loft ,evidence ,dim ,jumble
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