Tucker Case

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Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1) I believe for an idea to be truly innovative, it must be driven both internally and externally. Tucker’s idea for the 1948 Tucker Sedan was fueled by both internal and external innovation. Internal innovation happens when a new feature or version is implemented to an already existing product and is driven by ones own desire. Tucker exhibited internal innovation with his car by adding his own new features like seat belts, moving lights, a back engine, disc breaks, and a futuristic design. External innovation can be defined as improving a product and being motivated by external forces. Tucker was extremely motivated to save the lives of others and improve car safety by adding seatbelts. Tucker also…show more content…
At the time, the car industry was one with a high barrier of entry being that the big car companies had total control and would squash anyone new trying to interfere with their business. I think if Tucker understood this, maybe he could have improved his chances of success in the environment by outsourcing and working with one of the Big 3 to create his car instead of going toe to toe so aggressively with them and losing. 4) Tucker prepared the industry for his innovations at first with a national ad for his car. After creating this initial buzz in the industry, Tucker heavily promoted the new designs of his car to all who were interested. At the first meeting with investors, Tucker emphasized the importance of car safety by displaying graphic pictures of people who died in car accidents. After displaying these images, he explained how things like seat belts and shatterproof windows could make a huge safety impact and save lives. 5) Tucker prepared the end user for his innovations by informing all potential customers of the car’s many futuristic and innovative features. In addition to announcing the many perks of the car, Tucker did it with such a passion that would get people excited and ready for his car of the future. 6) As mentioned before, Tucker knew what it took to create and manufacture a car, but he did not
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