Tuesday Of The Other June By Norma Fox Mazer

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Tuesday of the other June “by Norma fox mazer” is a realistic fiction about a girl that gets bullied.In the beginning, June goes to a swimming class were she meets the other June and were she also starts to get bullied.In the middle every one calls her fish eyes and the other June hurts her.And in the end she gits angry so she stuck up to the other June.This story shows you to not let bullies push you around stick up to them. Don't let bullies push other people around.In paragraph 95, the author says “no,” I said to the other June.”Oh, no!” And also in paragraph 97, the author put her finger on the other June's chest. Don't let bullies push other people around cause if you do they will bully you even more.This proves my thesis in one way and
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