Tuesday Research Paper

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On tuesday we have discussed a banning word which was considered the new b word which is bossy. This was discussed a little on monday but was mostly continued on tuesday. Bossy is used on mostly a female which means what it is, someone who is acting like a boss and tells others what to do. It may seem like a good thing due to the fact that being a boss is good thing but it is used as a bad word which is why it is the new “ b word “. I can see why people are trying to ban the word bossy and I can agree with it but there are many other words that are used in a bad way like bossy and they can be used on men as well. As they described it, if a women seems to be controlling things she can be seen as someone “ bossy ’’ which is a bad thing yet when a man is being a boss he is considered a “ leader ’’ which seems to be good thing. The point is to show how negativity is spread by the word bossy to women.…show more content…
We reviewed what people search on google and how most people are true to themselves when they search on google. The episode was totally agreeable because it did seem to be true on how people search; the great example that was given was racism and one word searched a lot was nigger. We reviewed on how topics were being searched after a speech was given by obama. We discussed how when Obama discuss how muslims are great, there is many bad searched about them on google. Near the end of class, we read an article about the word nigger and at the end we talked about the article and how we feel about the usage of the
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