Tuesday with Morrie

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By Yvette J. Halper Draft This paper takes an in-depth look at the relationship between the author, Mitch Albom, and Morrie who is the main subject. Their relationship starts when Mitch is in college while Morrie is his sociology professor. Morrie seems to be a man who wants to leave a legacy behind after he dies since he has been told by the doctor that his life is coming to an end. Mitch considers it a privilege meeting someone who teaches about life and offers solutions to life challenges. As Morrie happens to meet with Mitch, his past student and friend, they plan to start meeting on Tuesdays and Mitch is to go to Morrie’s home. They get into the discussions for fourteen Tuesdays where they discuss life issues such family, death,…show more content…
The lesson therefore helps an individual to live positively in any life situation, that is, develop a positive view of the world. The second Tuesday they meet and discuss about having remorseful feelings in one-self. This is a kind of deontological ethic because it is intrinsic duty. Mitch realizes that he is undergoing through stress because of the strike that has occurred in Detroit where he works, he wonders as to why. He also realizes that many other things are worse and he feels remorseful when the plane comes late for him. Morrie says that he feels unhappy sometimes when he reflects on the state of his own life were it not the sickness. He is seen to cry as he thinks of the good things in life and about the people who love him as well as the parts of his body he is still able to move. This is significant in teaching people to think about their lives and be compassionate on themselves especially when they are facing troubles. They should reflect on their lives and learn to be repentant by looking at what they have left behind and what they wish to have left behind (Albom, 2007). In their third Tuesday they discuss about regrets in life especially when it is too late. For instance letting someone to know secrets among other things. This is an example of utilitarianism because here the consequences of an action, regretting has been considered. When asked about what he could do when

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