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Case Study: How do rising tuitions impact students, local employers, and educational institutions? Executive Economics Outline Thesis: How do rising tuitions impact students, local employers, and educational institutions? I. Tuition Costs A. Enrollment Supply B. Enrollment Demand II. Economic Theory A. Impact on Students B. Impact on Educational Institutions C. Impact on Local Employers III. Higher Educational Costs A. Advantages (Pros) of Higher Tuition Costs B. Disadvantages (Cons) of Higher Tuition Costs IV. Conclusion/Recommendations This case analysis will be based on the question, “How do rising tuitions…show more content…
In the end, from a student’s demand perspective, demand is created from the human gratification aspect, whereas the costs and benefits of the university/college achievements are the main determinants in seeking higher education. From the institution supply perspective, supply depends on their most important single revenue source – funding (Fortin). Economic Theory College students and their families have every right to be outraged at the cost of rising tuition. In today’s society, it is extremely important for one to seek higher education in order to succeed in the world today; this is why college students and their families are doing everything possible to finance the cost of college. An example of this is retired pitcher Don Larsen, of the Brooklyn Dodger, auctioning off the last pitched ball, and the glove he wore that day would pay for his grandchildren’s college education. The rising cost of college tuition is having a costly impact on many students and their families, local employers, and educational institutions (Hicky). The rising cost of attending college is causing students to seek larger student loans and exhaust their credit cards. This is reflected with a shift in loans of 56% now surpassing the 40% of federal and state grants issued to college students. This makes it clear that students and parents are getting more loans to finance higher education. To further exacerbate the situation, many students are charging school

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