Tuition Fee Variation And Education

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Sita Lama
Professor Hernandez
ENGL 1302
23 April 2017
Tuition fees variation
Education is the weapon to lead life of people towards progress as well as the nation. It plays important role in the life of people to become good scientist, doctor, engineer, businessman and teacher who give valuable contribution for the country and the world. About thirty-two million adult Americans cannot read. There are private and public colleges and universities in the United States. Private colleges are more expensive than the community colleges. They offer the same classes, credits, and programs for the students. But the high tuition cost charged by private schools makes a vast difference between them. Not only private universities, there is different
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About thirty-six percent of Americans completed bachelor degree among the entire population(Adul-Alim). Students struggle economically to pay cost for their study. Many of them takes debt from college and bank. “Fifty-eight percent of US college students take out loans to help pay for tuition and fees” (Best and Keppo). In addition to this, they are force to work hard and maintain balance between study and work. Students face economic and mental stress by the increasing cost of college. The amount varies from $4000 to $60,000 per year across the United States for undergraduate students. It is very expensive and difficult to afford these fees for many undergraduate students. Government made policy to provide financial aid programs. The GI grant provides financial grant to students. Federal aid programs and the student loan inspires colleges to rise amount of fees. They increase tuition fees every year. Students and parents have to pay deep debt for expensive fees.
The state and federal government do not provide enough fund to public colleges now a day than earlier years. The fund provide by the state is not sufficient. It is not easy to run any institution without fund. In order to cover the difference, colleges fees sky rocket beyond the affordable cost. College administration need to maintain and run the colleges which need money. They increase cost of student fees in public colleges and
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