Tuition Free Public College Education

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And Education for All: Tuition-Free Public College Education Everyone has the right to an education and education should be as accessible as possible to fulfill this need. Without an education, people are rendered powerless. Education gives people the power to go wherever and do whatever they want in life. This is especially true for higher education and a college degree is needed now more than ever. In the United States, in order to get ahead in a career or go up the social ladder, one needs a college degree. Yet, for some American students, college has been made inaccessible. Public colleges should be made tuition-free in the United States because of the importance of accessible free public educational institutions, increasing tuition costs, and the resulting educated workforce. Public colleges should be tuition-free because of the importance of accessible free public education. In order to understand why public colleges should be tuition-free, one should understand why public education exists as a whole. In her article “Education, The Idea of the Universal”, Cherry A. McGee Banks affirms that in the United States, the present day idea of “universal education” is accredited to Horace Mann, who worked on the “state board of education” as a “secretary” in Massachusetts starting in 1837 and ending in 1848 and during that time he took on the leading role to create “common schools” in the United States (1). Banks goes on to explain,
“He believed that a democracy could not…
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