Tuition Free Public College Education

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And Education for All: Tuition-Free Public College Education Everyone has the right to an education and education should be as accessible as possible to fulfill this need. Without an education, people are rendered powerless. Education gives people the power to go wherever and do whatever they want in life. This is especially true for higher education and a college degree is needed now more than ever. In the United States, in order to get ahead in a career or go up the social ladder, one needs a college degree. Yet, for some American students, college has been made inaccessible. Public colleges should be made tuition-free in the United States because of the importance of accessible free public educational institutions, increasing tuition…show more content…
He also believed the common school could help build community by bringing diverse members of society together” (1).
According to Tom M. Lansford, author of the article “Public Schools”, the state and locally sponsored “common school”, free to attend by any young students, influenced how public education is run in the United States today (1). Besides providing students with the knowledge, skills, and morals to uphold a democratic society and bring together people of all different backgrounds together, public education also exists for a financial reason. In her article also titled “Public Schools”, Jyotsna Sreenivasan states that “…they are especially important for poor families, who cannot afford to pay the fees of private schools” (1). Public institutions of higher education were also founded on most of the aforementioned principles, while also providing other purposes. In the article “Education”, Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, Roger L. Geiger, and Nancy Woloch explain that, “Institutions such as these were vital in extending and reinforcing the instruction offered to children in the nation 's schools” (3). Lagemann, Geiger, and Woloch assert the viewpoint that colleges provided training for civil service jobs (7). However, despite the importance placed on public colleges, they are not free like other public educational institutions, such as
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