Tuition Increases at University of Pennsylvania

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In 1914, the tuition cost to go to the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School estimated at about $150 with a general fee of $10. This does not include other expenses such as room and board- which estimated to $180 and textbooks- estimated to $10. It is now 2014, one century later, and the tuition cost to go the exact university and school is $40,594, general fee of $3,772, technology fee of $716, and a recreation fee of $324. Once more, this does not include the expenses of residence halls ($8,330) and the average meal plan ($4,592). It is incredulous how, not only did the tuition increase tremendously, but now there are additional costs that had once not existed (UNIVERSITY HISTORY). In total, the sum of all expenses in 1914…show more content…
Also, going to college or to a university increases the likelihood of receiving a well paying job, which is why most students attend college in the first place (Learn Liberty). Students have obviously realized the increasing tuition and have taken action on how to prevent their wallets being emptied. Although some young people want to attend a traditional 4 year university and have the full “college experience,” some students have the option of attending a community college which substantially has a much lower tuition price than universities. If a student plans ahead their junior or senior year, they are able to take certain college level course classes which can actually reduce their college years to three, saving them about 25% in direct costs (Full Report). Along with this, universities also have taken the action to help students not go into debt after college. Universities have the option of reducing administrative staff. One of the drawbacks of reducing the amount of staff is that there are now more students to teacher ratio meaning larger classes due to a minimum amount of professors or perhaps more working hours for professors. Also, it isn’t just professors but librarians, janitors, and other staff members. Universities also have the option of cutting
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