Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report

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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report

Ronald Ahrens
XCOM/285 Essentials of Managerial Communication
University of Phoenix

The following report was helping us explore why we should expanding employee benefits with in this he company. We had a good year but without a good year it would benefit the company so adding tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit would be great. It would help the employees working on their degree in business or communication as they are working for us so this can be a positive in more than one way showing we care about their interest expand their career by going back to school. The company is in the perfect position to proceed with the education reimbursement employee benefit due to the fact that
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The employees will value their company and their place in the company. We will have to develop a policy for the new employee where they have to wait two years being with the company before we start paying for their college to make sure people do not come here to get a degree and then leave us. Continuing education and providing educational assistance to employees could be important benefits to add as a perk for working for this company. It should be our company goal to assist in the education, professional and personal growth of our employees. Doing this and Establishing and following through with a tuition reimbursement for our employee will be beneficial to us as a company and our employees. That the company is in the perfect position to start this employee benefit, I would like you to recommended it and get the management to move forward with further exploration of the logistics. The good from this program out weights are cost that comes up because it gives us good and educated employees in the long run. We also we not have to look outside but we can save cost in looking and just promote within the company. With them working on their bachelor’s degree in business can be a positive and helpful in more than one way. Expanding the employee benefits to have tuition reimbursement will increase the level professional opportunities, increase their career options, and improve their earning potential, and increase keeping employee rather than losing them. In all
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