Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report

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Topeka Lathers Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report XCOM/285 Robyn Walker January 9, 2014 Every company has employees that would like to further their education. For the employees of our company, there is no better time than now. Recent approval by our company to budget for tuition reimbursement for employees seeking opportunities to enhance their skills in their field of work, we will see high interest in ambitious and talented employees. In this paper we are going to discuss professional opportunities business and communications degrees offer, different career opportunities available for individuals with these degrees, the earning potential of individuals with the degree, and how…show more content…
Some company pays educational institutions directly for expensive, intense training programs that require payment up front (O’Reilly, Brendan 2001). Today, nearly 15 percent of our domestic workforce is enrolled in college and university coursework, more than half seeking advanced degrees. Our participation rates are three times the national average for companies with similar programs. And, participants' retention rate is double that of all employees (Cassidy, John F. 2004). People with degrees of business and communication have the upper hand compared to those that don't hold a degree. Those individuals holding degrees obviously have a better chance of advancing within the company. This way both the individual and the company benefit from this move as with employees look to grow within a company, make more money and be a part of a stable and comfortable environment. Furthering education in business communication through the workplace has its advantages. Employees are faced with lots of options such as serving as spokes persons for their company where they will be entrusted to keep good interactions. They would be required to keep great inner communication assisting those involved with publishing, company and corporate representative. Types of careers people with a degree have are more varied than
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