Tuition Reimbursement

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Tuition Reimbursement is a viable option that our company should look at as a means of giving our employees a way to advance their education and their positions in our company. This company was built by people and it is in those people that we should invest in, nurture and show that we are committed to their success not just here but in their life success. Often times companies look outside of their own ranks to hire people with advance degrees or more experience when there should be people here that get promoted so that growth my begin from the entry level as it should like the roots of a tree. Many of our employees are not satisfied in the positions they are in but this is not to say they are not satisfied with the company but they…show more content…
Companies without a program had an average turnover rate of two to three years, while those who offered tuition assistance saw the average employment period lengthen to five or more years. Tuition reimbursement fosters loyalty to the employer and increases overall job satisfaction. In addition to strengthening the retention rate, tuition reimbursement programs allow employers to promote within the company rather than hiring outsiders. When companies are hiring from within it increases worker morale and loyalty. It also decreases the costs of hiring and training new candidates. Training for advancement is particularly beneficial in high-need areas, especially in medical fields like nursing. The benefits of a tuition reimbursement program are undeniable and there are facts to back them up. There has been study after study that shows the positive effects of a company having a tuition reimbursement program. There are many employees that are looking for employment that look for organizations that have this in their benefit program. Many of the job classifications in the corrections field require a bachelor's degree as a minimum requirement for a position. Because a number of employees entering the department already have an undergraduate degree, the DOC receives numerous requests for educational assistance for those employees seeking graduate and postgraduate degrees. For example, the minimum requirements of the job classification of a probation and parole

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