Tuition Reimbursement Paper

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Tuition Reimbursement Paper By: Alicia Edwards Due date: Sept 5 2010 Course: com285 Introduction There are many reason that an employees might get a promotion or be considered for a job in a higher position. One of these is education. Some of our employees have an 2 year degree and some have other levels of education. One way to excel in any company is to have a bachelor’s degree. The reason for me bringing this up is because we have come up with a program that can help employees who don’t have an bachelor’s degree get one. We have had a very successful year and will be providing the money for this program. In this report, I will be explaining why this is a good idea, what kind of benefits the employees will get for applying for…show more content…
Degree Advantages-most adults who decide to put off earning a bachelor’s degree often regret their decision. Adults with this degree find that they do not need to prove themselves in every position as much as those with a two-year degrees. Applicants with four-year degrees are hired before two-year degree applicants in most white collar career fields. Upward Mobility-adults with bachelor degrees have greater opportunities for corporate upward mobility, than those without this degree. Scholarships and Grants-Most scholarships and many grants are only eligible to students enrolled in bachelor degree programs. Cost-the tuition costs for a bachelor’s degree is more expensive compared to enrolling in an associate program. The average cost was $13,424 per academic year for public four-year schools and $30,393 for private four-year schools in 2008 (National Center for Educational Statistics, Fast Facts, 2007-2008). Student Loan debt often places graduates in financial hardship for years following graduation”. One thing about the money is that the company will be helping the employees with the tuition so it will be a little easier for them to get started with the program. The employees won’t have to worry about getting in debt. Since we have been doing so good this year, we have provided a budget for this program and any employees who want to go back to
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