Tulsa Race Riots Essay

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Tulsa Race Riot The Tulsa race riot changed the course of American history by actively expressing African American views on white supremacy. Before the events of the Tulsa race riot African Americans saw the white community taking justice into their own hands. Black citizens of Tulsa stood up against this sort of white mob. This escaladed into the Tulsa race riot. The Tulsa race riot and its effects weighed heavily upon the African Americans of this era. The first event was with the Industrial Workers of World (IWW), where they were blamed by Tulsan’s in bombing the house of a wealthy oilman. It began on “October 29, 1917”, when the home of a wealthy oilman was bombed in Tulsa. There were little clues to be found but as Scott…show more content…
He was then arrested for shooting Homer Nida. When Belton was in the courthouse, thousand of white citizens of Tulsa waited outside for Belton so that justice could be server for the kill of Homer Nida. When Belton came out of the courthouse onlookers cheered as his captors shouted, “We got him boys. We’ve got him.” Belton was then taken to the Jenks road were he then was lynched by the white mob. White supremacy in Tulsa during 1917 to 1921 was soaring, white citizen of Tulsa thought with events of bombing a wealthy oilman home to the killing of a taxi cab driver that they should have take the law into their own hands. African Americans were terrified in the white citizens actions. African Americans felt that they would not get equal justice with the law, so African Americans had to stand together against white supremacy and challenge their authority. Which leads into the events that start of the Tulsa race riot. Dick Rowland work as a shoe shiner on Main Street. There were no toilet facilities for the boot shiners, so the owner of the shine parlor where Rowland worked arranged for the employees to use the restroom across the street on the top floor. So the morning of “May 31, 1921” Rowland went across the street to us the bathroom. Dick Rowland got onto the elevator to go to the top floor of the building. Minutes later the young lady ran out of the elevator with scratches on her hands,
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