Tumbling Effects of Steroids in the Mlb

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Brad Stone Poltical Science 11/25/2010 Clifton Wilkinson Tumbling Effects of Steroid Use by Major League Baseball Players Are the Major League Baseball record books tainted? Can a single drug change the way a baseball fan looks at the record set by Barry Bonds or opinions about a man who hit 762 homeruns (Pitch 1)? Steroids have the ability to turn an average player into a player that can qualify and succeed as a Major League Baseball player. They also provide the “good” player the ability to become a “great” player; a “great” player to become a “superstar”. But more importantly in regards to the player’s performance, steroids give the injured player the ability to heal more rapidly, therefore returning to the playing field quicker…show more content…
He may not have been proven guilty, just suspected use was enough to have a cloud over his reputation. There is even talk among the baseball analysts that his records set should be removed from the record books because steroid use can be viewed as a form of cheating used to accomplish such feats. Moving on to the team aspect of baseball, one can imply the old saying, “guilty by association.” The media and the general public, typically view the teammates of the steroid user as someone who also uses steroids, until proven otherwise. A professional baseball team gets recognized for winning and reaching out to the community, but steroids can bring an umbrella of suspension to the entire team. This point is proven in Jose Conseco’s autobiography when he admitted he “implicated that ten of his former teammates including his brother as steroid users” (Roberts 1). Not only does the player’s steroid use affect his immediate team players, but it also casts additional suspension to the entire Major League Baseball as a whole. When a player is exceeding his normal performance level, the general public immediately suspects steroid use based on previous players who have been linked or proven to be steroid users. Major League Baseball players understand the penalty, if linked to steroids, can have on the player or the team in general. The general public is very harsh about steroid use; many feel that steroid use affects baseball in too many ways negatively. An

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