Tunneling In The Trenches

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The first world war was very revolutionary, it was said to be the war to end all wars, mostly in part because of all the new weapons and techniques to fight. Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States against Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. The war began in the summer of 1914 after a Serbian terrorist shot and killed the archduke of Austria-Hungary, it would not end until November of 1918. It was the biggest war of it’s and was thought to be the last war that mankind would go through, and that there would be world peace afterward. Ironically that was not the case and about 9 million died during combat. This war had the most soldiers involved, around 70 million men! This had never been heard of because countries…show more content…
For this, each side would dig trenches and soldiers would stay in there for months on end. Every country had their own techniques that they liked and preferred to use. Due to this, battles were extremely deadly as one never knew what was going to happen that the other side had planned. One of the deadliest techniques being tunneling. It was a very advanced tactic that could take months or even years to perfect. The idea behind it was if you were on a battlefield and fighting against someone, you would dig a tunnel underground from your area to theirs. After the tunnel was built, explosives were placed in the tunnel and then later blown up to kill the enemy. Along with weapons, tactics had a big role in World War One.
All in all, World War I was a bloody and revolutionary war that would change the way countries would combat. Even now we still use many of the same weapons, just more advanced to today’s standards. Although this war was truly detrimental to the economies of many countries it had its benefits. World War I was truly the turning point for all modern combat technology, and without that need to have created for example the machine gun, who knows how far behind we would
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