Tupac Keep Your Head Up Analysis

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Similarly in 1992, rapper Tupac Shakur released the song “Keep your Head Up” addressing the issues of colorism and sexism within the black community while attaching his own version onto the meaning of the African American proverb. Tupac’s interpretation emphasized the value of dark skin and quotes “Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, I say the darker the flesh, the deeper the roots.” Tupac calls for a deeper understanding of this saying namely that being darker skinned means having a closer association with the African American heritage. As the son of Billy Garland and Afeni Shakur, members of “The Black Panthers”, the ideologies of the “Black Power” and “Black is Beautiful” movements were part of his upbringing, thus, the…show more content…
Rap lyrics like that of an artist named Future, for example, epitomize the glorifying of light-skinned females who are often referred to as “yellow” or “ yellowbone” with verses like: “Robin jeans with the wings/Yellow bone on my team.” However, these images are not only present in music videos they are also visible in black cinema. “Coming to America” is an exemplary case for perpetuating colorism through media in which Prince Akeem’s (Eddie Murphy) love interest Lisa, who is light-skinned, is portrayed in juxtaposition to her dark-skinned sister Patrice. Throughout the movie Lisa appears highly desirable (since Prince Akeem is not the only one who falls for her) classy and intelligent whereas Patrice is depicted to be naughty, simple minded and less polished. A study shows that dark-skinned women are aware of the inclination of black men for light-skinned women which consequently tends to be regarded as ‘preference’ rather than an aspect of colorism (Hunter, 2002, p.
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