Tupac Shakur - Turning Struggles Into Success

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Tupac Shakur – Turning Struggles into Success Violent lyrics, a bad-boy image, and a long criminal record are what attracted and connected millions of young adults to the now legendary rapper Tupac Shakur. Tupac was a man of contradictions; for example, his music degraded and also praised strong women. Tupac Shakur rapped about problems that inner-city black Americans could relate to, along with his legal and personal drama; you could not get away from Tupac in the 1990’s. From the womb to the day Tupac Shakur died he went through the struggles many self-proclaimed “gangsters” these days do as well; but using these problems he took the rap and hip-hop game to another level. Tupac Amaru Shakur, originally named Lesane Parish Crooks was…show more content…
Tupac’s work in this movie made him a household name. A year later, he starred in John Singleton’s movie, Poetic Justice. With the success in the box office he still stood as the main instigator in the battle between east coast and west coast communities. In 1995 Tupac signed with “Suge” Knight and Death Row Records and released ‘All Eyez on Me’. Many tracks on the album threw violent lyrics at Christopher and other east coast rappers, even claiming on the track ‘Hit ‘em Up’ to have slept with Christopher Wallace’s wife. Tupac was on top of the Hip-Hop world, he was being watched on the big screen in theatres, at home, and you could hear him being blared in cars riding in and out of the streets of major cities in the United States. While Tupac was loved by many, he was appalled by twice as many. Even the Vice President, Dan Quayle, called for his first album, ‘2pacalyse’ to be banned. Quayle insisted on this after a Texas teenager announced in court that it had inspired him to murder a state trooper (Tupac). Tupac always liked to resemble a tough ‘thug life’ lifestyle, how could he not, that’s what made him a sellout. In the dangerous streets of California, you couldn’t survive riding around in the streets by yourself, so Tupac ran with the bloods gang, or M.O.B. (Chambers and Solotaroff). Which stood for ‘Member of Bloods’ but when it came to the business side of the spectrum, Death Row Records, they claimed it to mean

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