Turbo Charging. 2200cc Land Rover Tdci Engine

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Turbo-charging 2200cc land rover TDCI engine found in the defender range which produces 120Hp (121ps) (90kW) (120x0.75=90) which derived from the new Ford Range engine, the puma 2200cc engine has the potential to produce much more Ps/kW, to which in this report the content will discuss the arguments for and against tuning methods, which tuning packages are better for the puma engine. Personally the turbocharging option is the way which would work better in my opinion TMD tuning offer a vast range of solutions which may increase indicated power, such as turbocharging options boost modules, etc. . . . Turbo-technics technology offer a Hybrid Turbo for the Land rover Defender 2200cc engine which produces more torque over a wider range compared to the original turbo unit the “power” produced is moderately enhanced, this offers better driveability and gives the engine better responses to which the Defender 90 feels more effective at off-roading and handles considerably better with the right setup for the road. The 2200cc puma engine is a good four cylinder engine which offers a good torque output and replaces the TD5 “Lump” which in comparison seem to have the similar engine output figures, but the TD5 is not as responsive personally as the TDCI 4 Cylinder Puma engine. The parameters which are chosen diameter of the exhaust manifold, diameter of the pipe at the turbine exit, efficiency of the turbocharger, location of the turbo charger and the packaging is also a major

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