Turkey : A Middle Eastern Country South Of The Mediterranean Sea And West

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YU Jia ECO 315 12/2/2014 Turkey Turkey is a Middle Eastern country south of the Mediterranean Sea and west to the Aegean Sea. Turkey main religion is Sunni Muslim with a minority of Sufi Muslims with Christians, Jews and other religions only making up about 0.2 percent of the total population. Turkey is a relatively small country compared to the United States or China with the population of 74 million in 2013 (The World Fact book) In the last 15 years Turkey has made huge leaps and bounds to improve their economy and become a more economy independent country. Turkey as we know today was founded in 1923 from the remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire by Mustafa Kemal (“Father of the Turks”). In the 1950’s…show more content…
As talk about before Turkey is mostly a Muslim country which means building business relationships with them will require special practice. Many people say that Turkey combines European and Middle East traditions when it comes to the business culture of their country. Turkey like many free markets as a well developed family owned business market. The mom and pop business is important to many counties with a free market because it helps to give competition to other larger companies helping keep prices lower and better quality for the people. And always keep in mind that as a Muslim country Friday is a holy day for Muslims to visit the temple and pray, so don’t try to get any business done on a Friday. Also keep in mind other holy holidays such as Ramadan which is a month long and is a important holy day. This does impact how Turkey works with foreign business, as a country they have done good to not let regions holidays and other holy things get in their way of business growth. Other cultural differences would be when negotiation deals don’t just talk about profit but talk about power, respect, and recognition of that company. These things are all important to all companies but are even more important to a Turkey company. The government of Turkey has played a huge role in the country economic success, in the last ten years the government has made many reforms that
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