Turkey : A Very Interesting Country For Study

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Turkey Introduction Why Study Turkey? Turkey is a very interesting country to study. Turkey dates back to the beginnings of civilization and has been imprinted on by many historical conflicts. In its long existence, it has been occupied by numerous empires, like the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, which helped shape the regions values and structure to what it is today. The crucial changing point for the country was when it received its independence, or sovereignty, from Russian, Italian, and French occupation. In 1923, lead by Mustafa Kemal, the turkish people, through the nationalist movement, gained independence by not allowing the remnants of the Ottoman Empire after their defat in World War I to let the Allies split up the…show more content…
The people of Turkey are not as trusting of their government as they would like to be. Turkey is even in the process of becoming a EU member. Modern day Turkey is shaping up to be a country to watch out for in the future. Geographic and Demographic Features Anatolia, or better known now as Turkey, is a vast landmass that connects the Middle East to Europe. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (2014), Turkey is slightly larger than the state of Texas and has a population size of about 81 million. The Agency ranks Turkey number seventeenth in the world for population size, rivaling the state of Germany which has about 80 million inhabitants. Turkey’s capital is Ankara, which surprisingly only houses about 4.194 million of its 81.619 million inhabitants and Istanbul is actually the most populated city with 11 million people (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014). Many people have migrated to Turkey over the century, creating a diverse culture. (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014) The Mediterranean Sea is one of the major waterways that boarders Turkey, along with the Aegean and the Black Seas (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014). The Bosphorus strait is a fairly small waterway and the only geographical feature that separates Turkey from Europe. Part of Turkey’s territory is on the opposite side of the Bosphorus strait on the European continent. The small
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