Turkey 's Internal And External Security

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Turkey is in a unique position to influence the world due to its geographic location as well as the status of its membership within the international community; politically and economically. Turkey in its present form is not necessarily an ancient country, however as the successor to the Ottoman Empire following World War I it does contain a lengthy heritage as a world power. Turkey elects a president every five years under its democratic system, which promotes privatization and capitalism as two of its main economic practices. While the two aspects of a country’s foreign and domestic policy are typically correlated strongly, as a result of its position as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East Turkey’s policies have an even stronger impact on its neighboring countries. Turkey is one of the world’s largest economies but also one wrought with domestic issues that are inhibiting growth. Similarly, the conflict within Syria and Iraq impacted Turkey’s internal and external security situations, thereby increasing economic volatility and decreasing foreign investor confidence. Ultimately, Turkey represents a country in the upper third internationally regarding economic development albeit one that requires economic, security, and political reform to calm its volatility and create a stable leading nation. Turkey has the 18th largest Gross Domestic Product within the world but this number does not quite accurately represent the economic state of affairs within Turkey
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