Turkish Relations With The European Union

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Recent Turkish Relations with The European Union
In the past Turkey has had a lot of dealings with the European Union in order to join the Union and officially be a part of Europe. Relations between the state and an intergovernmental have been fairly long and drawn out as Turkey had tried to join the European Union. As they have jumped through hoops to become a member of Europe certain human rights and democratic rule issues came up that stalled the progress on integration into the Union. Although many attempts to reach out to the other side has been made there has some but little progress that has been made to integrate Turkey into the European Union. Further complications arose when a coup attempt occurred mid July led by a group believed to be Islamist Insurgents. On top of this attempted coup coup, the government in the eyes of the Union are abusing their power by using the coup to oust any political rivals. Integration into the European way of life may be stalled even longer with the recent occurrences and lack of ethics.
On July 15th an attempt to take over the Turkish government by a group of military troops was crushed by the government lead led by Recip Erdogan. In the weeks after the failed coup President Erdogan has managed to arrest a group of 36,000 believed plotters which has raised concerns with the European Union. The European believes the current administration is forming a counter coup to remove any opposition to the current administration(Buisness
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