Turn Of Screw

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The Turn of a Screw begins with the governess arriving to a mysterious house. She was employed by a wealthy man to care for his niece and nephew. When the carriage approaches the house the governess is greeted by Mrs. Grose, the nanny, and Flora, the toddler, she would be caring for. After receiving a tour of the house from Flora, the governess was approached by the mail man and given a letter concerning the Miles. A ten year old boy by the name of Miles is the second child the governess is to look after. At this time he had not yet arrived from the boarding school he was attending. The governess presented Mrs. Grose with the letter but came to find out that she couldn’t read or write. By the governess reading the letter aloud to Mrs. Grose, she became aware of…show more content…
The next day she was in the kitchen making breakfast and the same man appeared outside the window. This time she decided to approach him but when she went outside he had vanished. She informed Mrs. Grose about her strange encounter with the man, but the man she described was dead. Mrs. Grose informed her that the man was an old friend of the family by the name of Peter Quint. The book did not go into detail of how he died it just states that he was found lying on the floor of the road leading to the house. The governess was still puzzled as to why his ghost was still lurking around the house. Later on that day she look Flora to play in the fields next to the lake. She soon became aware of a being watching them from a distance but it wasn’t a living creature. She also noticed that Flora was aware of the being but didn’t respond to its presence. Both of the children were aware of the ghosts but they kept it a secret. The governess then decides to send Flora away to her uncle along with Mrs. Grose. Miles remains in the house with the governess. One night Peter Quint tries to come in contact with Miles but the governess stops him and unexpectedly Miles
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