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Turn Up for STEAM-Where Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Meet Hip Hop

When 16 bars of a rap song roll out, you wouldn’t imagine science, technology, engineering, art and math being part of the lyrics. That’s exactly the concept behind Strong Ties’ Turn Up for STEAM program that creates an amazing environment for students to learn.
Inspiring students to take on science, technology, engineering, art and math, and look at these subjects in a different way--as something they can easily learn takes some creativity. It doesn’t get any more creative than using music to get students excited about these subjects.
Not everyone at the Turn Up for STEAM event wanted to be here.
You could see it on their faces-- that mom or dad insisted
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It’s relevant to students and even has the element of fun. It catches their attention just like when they listen to their favorite songs on their phones.
We’ve heard rap before and it probably looks easy to those who’ve never tried to do it or care for it, but rhyming about math formulas is a lot trickier than general rhymes. The equations have to be correct the sentences have to end with the same sounding words, and a musical measurement that students have understand and use.
Turn Up for STEAM aims to motivated and excite students about education. Helping them see themselves successfully grasping areas of education that seem off limit or only for the “smart kids”.
A bar is a measure in music. There are 4 counts in a measure. 16 bars have 64 beats (16 bars x 4 beats per measure)
The event is powered by Strong Ties nonprofit. It’s a collaborative effort involving volunteers, parents, teachers, and a local community college. The program’s success is on the students and requires their full participation. The shy and those who seemed forced to attend transform into being able to perform their part of the STEAM rap and later present their parts of the assigned group
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