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Turn your Computer into a Jukebox Are you the type of person who spends twenty dollars on a CD, just because you like one song, and the remaining tracks are disappointing? Did you know that you can have your whole CD collection in your computer's hard drive? Are you tired of listening to the unexciting music played on the radio? Would you like to be able to make your own CDs? These days it is fairly cheap to have internet access and a computer that will let you record, store, discover, and download music. In the past, being able to do this was very expensive and difficult, but when the Mp3 format appeared and Cd recorders became inexpensive, this revolutionized the way we experience music. All you need is the right software and…show more content…
The software is free, and it connects you with millions of users who share their songs, and you virtually can find virtually any song you want . Recently I had my grandmother's birthday, so I figured out that the perfect gift was to give her a mix CD full of oldies; she couldn't believe how I was able to record them on disc. The second step is to download the music from Winmix or extract it from a CD; so you can start building a collection of music. My father, for example, got tired of loosing and scratching his CDs, so by extracting the music into his computer, he now has over a thousand songs stored in his PC. I'm a music lover; I enjoy all types of music, from Trance to Classical, and I can not afford to buy all the CDs I want. The internet and Winmix give me the opportunity to download only the songs that I like; so I save tons of money and I discover new artists. Another advantage of this method is that it opens doors for new artists, because masses have instant access to their music. Critics believe that this is stealing from them, but on the other hand, the internet may catapult their careers to new levels. I'm not going to spend twenty dollars on a "one hit wonder" album. But, from my favorite bands like U2 or Dave Mathews Band, I gladly spend my money. After you have created a nice collection of your favorite tunes, you are ready to make your own CDs or transfer

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