Turn Your Retirement Checklist into Action Steps for Life

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Turn Your Retirement Checklist into Action Steps for Life Where to Begin? The prospects for those approaching retirement age can seem pretty grim. Americans spend almost 20 years in retirement. Over a third of retirees have no sources of income other than Social Security and over a third of Americans have no retirement savings. Social Security benefits average only $1,220 a month and the medical costs for a retired couple is over $200,000. A solid plan will help you get from here to retired. That plan starts with 3 questions: 1. What do you want your retirement lifestyle to be like and what will your estimated monthly expenses be? 2. How much will you need, what is your current nest-egg and what can you do to help it grow? 3. Life happens and situations change. If you would have to give things up now to meet retirement goals, or in retirement to stay within limits, what is most important to you? It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. But, for many, the question is “Is it too late?” Certain steps can be taken to facilitate the process whatever your age or level of preparation. Retiring in 5 Years or Less? Review Your Asset Inventory Make sure that you have a solid understanding of where your money is and what is it doing for you. Set up an appointment with your financial advisor to go over a breakdown of your portfolio. See how your investments are distributed and look for weaknesses or areas of possible improvement. Also, go over whatever fees

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