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Turn of the Screw by: Henry James After reading “The Turn of the Screw”, by Henry James, I was left with many unanswered questions. The two main questions are, are the ghosts in the story real, or are they just figments of the narrator’s imagination? When I read though the essays of criticism, I took a stand on one particular argument. I took a stand that supports the argument that the ghosts are real. In this story we see many strange things taking place at a house on Harley Street in a town called Bly. We meet Mrs. Grose a housekeeper who is taking care of the house while the master is out of town. The governess, also the narrator and unnamed in this story, has more credentials than the housekeeper and is…show more content…
In fact it makes the governess look bad when Mrs. Grose tells Flora not to believe her. This makes Flora feel uncomfortable with the governess. Later on the governess confronts Miles in the house. She wants him to admit that he too has seen the ghosts. But the governess does not want to tell him straight forward about the ghosts, she wants him to admit it on his own, therefore making neither one of them insane. He does in fact see him at the window and exclaims “Peter Quint-you devil!”(Goddard p88) They came to an agreement that they both see him at the window and at that moment Miles dies. This would explain the fact that he was in such shock after seeing a ghost and therefore died. There had to be a ghost present due to Miles death. Something had to be so frightening as a “ghost” to scare the child to his early grave. Miles, a young innocent child would not lie about a ghost. There is no need to because he did see the ghost as the governess had. There would be no reason for a child to lie about something like this. Whether or not a ghost was present is the question in this mystery. We as readers are “led unsuspectingly to accept the narrator in good faith.” With that in mind I have to believe as a reader that the ghosts in the story were real. Both Miles and the governess claimed that they saw the ghosts and this has made me believe this way. I feel the ghosts were

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