Turnaround at Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines is one of the largest domestic carriers in the United States, with over 3400 flights every day from 64 domestic destinations. Since 2011, Southwest Airlines is the airline that “carries the most domestic passengers of any US airline” ("Scheduled passengers carried", 2011). The major factor that contributes to the success of Southwest Airlines and makes it different from the other airlines is its approach in designing and managing the processes.

Measuring capacity and utilization at Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines uses the unified system to measure its capacity. The measure for capacity of an airline is the available seat mile (ASM), which refers to the number of seats in an airplane, multiplied
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The turn-around time can be prolonged due to weather delays, security delays or technical difficulties. The weather is a factor that the airline cannot control, but the delay can be predicted and prevented with alternative flight plans. Southwest airlines can experience security delays like any other airlines and the company has little influence on this factor. On the other hand, the technical problems can be divided on the ones that can be controlled by the company, and on technical delays caused by the national aviation system. The company can work on prevention of the technical types of delays with different technological improvements and employee trainings. The objective for the company is to have the capability to adapt its schedule to these factors and reduce their impact on the company’s utilization.

Achieving the goals of Southwest Airlines
The company assesses its performance from different external and internal evaluations. The Department of Transportation is an external evaluator that compares the performance of the competitors in the airline market in different operations, like on time departures, lost luggage, etc. Also the company makes internal targets for different operations and has an established appraisal system for the employees that achieve the targets. They identify different goals for different sections of

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