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Turner Syndrome is a rare disorder that only girls can get that is not preventable and parents can’t cause it. In the United States one out of every 2,000 girls have this disorder. A girl could get Turner Syndrome at any age and doctors can find out if a girl has it before they are born. It was discovered in 1938 by Dr. Henry Turner when he was trying to help a group of girls with dwarfism and nothing happened to them after they used the treatment that he gave them. The most common sign of Turner Syndrome is not having the second female sex chromosome making it harder for girls with it to have kids but they could if they take fertility treatment. They can also have a better chance of having heart and kidney abnormalities and ear infections.…show more content…
Girls that have it might be shorter than normal and the average height for someone with Turner Syndrome is 4 feet and 8 inches. Another physical feature that might be affected is that finger nails and toe nails might be longer than normal and they might turn upward. It is common for girls with the disorder might have low set ears or a webbed neck. Other physical features that Turner Syndrome causes are scoliosis and shorter than normal height. Some symptoms that come with this syndrome are extra skin on neck, swelling in hands and feet, heart defects, high blood pressure, and kidney problems. Other sympotoms are drooping eyelids, dry eyes, and abnormal bone developement. Nothing can help this from happenening because it is a genetic condition. The test that they use to see if you have it is a karyotype where they look at how your cells look like. A treatment that girls with Turner Syndrome need is fertility treatment if they want to have a baby. Growth hormone treatment will help girls with it grow to normal height and they need it all the time. They might also have to go to the doctors to make sure everything is okay a lot to live a healthy life. The prognosis for people with Turner Syndrome is good. A big amount of people with it will still be shorter than normal and it will still be hard for girls with it to get preganant but they still
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