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Turner Thesis Summary Throughout history society has to go through many changes that not only affect many of the people but also the areas around the transformation. The main point of Fredrick Jackson Turner’s thesis is what the real essence of America is, and how we’re all influenced by the many changes we have to go through. He believes that American history should not be focused on the extension of European enterprise. The society will have to realize that America will have to be emancipated because of the fact that we had a country with an unlimited amount of boundaries and have to come to realization that we have many closed-spaced limits. The views in the seminal essay share his thoughts on the idea of how the frontier shaped…show more content…
The subject of tariff and internal improvement is the main question that had to do with the slavery struggle in the west. The first frontier had to meet “Indian questions,” and those questions dealt with the composition of the public domain, the intercourse with other older settlements, of the political extension organization. There were land policies such as having to know the mining experience in regions like Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, and the Indian policy had been a series of experiments on successive frontiers. Coming to the west, it was expected that getting used to the culture and the religion was a must. The French colonization was dominated by its trading frontier, and the English colonization was dominated by its farming frontier. The conditions of the frontier life came with smart traits of importance. Travelers works along each frontier from colonial days describe certain common traits. Turner states that the most effective efforts of the East to regulate the frontier and came through it educational and religious activity, by interstate migration and organized societies. After reading Turner’s Thesis, it is easy to understand the more important concept of moving the Frontier to the West. He states how we are influenced by the changes the America has to go through. He believes that the
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